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Dead Aminals

Yup, I drew a new Dustinland comic about roadkill. I know, just what you’ve been waiting for, right?! Well, if I can make this subject fun to read about, I’ve won. What I’ve won, I don’t know.

Dustinland — First Car

After last week’s Dustinland, this week’s sorta makes me feel like a hypocrite, what with complaining about the Earth being destroyed and what not and then buying a car and contributing to the problem. But what can you do? We really don’t have a choice. We’re trying to get something that gets good mileage. Maybe one day we’ll move on to a hybrid once they improve the technology a bit more. I hear the new Prius is going to have solar panels. Nice. My new car will not have solar panels, but it will be good and it will last because it will be a Japanese car. High five.

***Note: You may notice a certain word blacked out in the 4th panel. I had to add that self censorship after noticing the reaction of my special lady friend and realizing that some of you may have quite delicate sensibilities. Delicate sensibilities — that is a term that is meant to sound smart but has actually become quite overused and cliche. However, I am too lazy to think of something better.