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The World According To An Alcoholic

Yeah, so you know all those things people post that are like this? Okay, this is my version. I saw xckd do one of these a while ago that was more of a political commentary. Mine is pretty stupid and trivial but perhaps funny to some people on the internets. I had this strip lying around for a while as a backup for a week when I was either off on vacation or didn’t have any time and this was just such a week (and you know, when you work all weekend, you kind of start to view the world like it looks in this strip).

*So this comic has appeared on someecards, which I found via their Twitter feed. I appreciate the props but they could have given me a wee bit more credit/linkage. I feel like an AP photographer.

**This baby has legs. Months later, it is now appearing all over the place. On Laughing Squid, Neatorma and I Love Charts.

What Kind of Drinker Are You?

I think this week’s Dustinland is not as cut and dry as it seems, since we’ve all been in each of the categories at some point in our lives. Sure, overall I think I’m a pretty moderate drinker, and I can’t even remember the last time I got WASTED (and by that I mean either pukey or incredibly hungover). But I know what it’s like to roll into work still feeling the affects of last night’s partying. I know what it’s like to treat myself with a little weeknight wine. And of course, I’ve been drunk off my ass, acting stupid and then paying the price the next day (and by the way, my hangover cure involves eating greasy food, even if it’s the last thing in the world I feel like ingesting [go for bacon, egg and cheese the next morning]). Hey, I’ve even been the guy at the bar who isn’t drinking.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, because in reality, some people can handle drinking, some people can’t. Some of us know when to stop, some of us don’t. Some people even let drinking get to the point where it causes serious problems in their lives. All I know is that I likes me a cold beer or a nice smokey scotch after a tough day, and I don’t think that will ever go away.