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Dustinland — Beer and Loafing in Costa Rica No. 4

It’s over! After all that hard work of reading, after you’re done with these last three pages, you will never have to read about my tropical paradise honeymoon ever again. Yup, this marks the end of an entire month dedicated to my trip. An 11-page epic, finished. Done. I worked so hard, and you care so little. But that’s okay, because here’s a special bonus Dustinland for all of you who weathered the storm this past month. Enjoy!

Dustinland — Beer and Loafing in Costa Rica No. 2

This week brings the second installment of the Beer and Loafing Costa Rica honeymoon saga. Please bear with me, as I will work to conclude this epic as quickly as possible. Additionally, if you are planning on traveling to Costa Rica any time soon, I recommend Bavaria Dark as an excellent beer. Also, take a surfing lesson. It’ll be well worth it as long as you even get up just one time. And then go watch Riding Giants.

Dustinland — Beer and Loafing in Costa Rica

So I just got back from my honeymoon and let me tell you, two weeks in Costa Rica will certainly inspire you. That’s why this week’s Dustinland is just the beginning of a little epic strip chronicling my journey. I’ll try and finish it up in as few installments as possible, that way those of you bored by my adventures can get back to reading about boobs and cubicles and boobicles and the other subjects I tend to dwell on. Until then, enjoy the Costa Rican saga.