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Sounds of the Kitchen

I like these music-based art projects. The last time I did one, it was about colors. This one is about food—it’s an illustration of 49 band names that include food or some sort of kitchen item.

I’m sure I missed a few, and I’m also the Internet will let me know which ones. A few I left out on purpose, like The Flying Burrito Brothers. That was pretty weird, and once I ran out of room in the freezer, I thought it would have been weird to have a few burritos flying through a kitchen. I guess I could have stuck Leftover Salmon in the fridge to make more room, but I wasn’t really that awake yesterday.

That’s another nice thing about this. I made the list long ago, so I could just draw and relax and lose myself in the art. I mean, not that this is the kind of art you really lose yourself in, but still, when you’re totally burnt out, it’s a lot nicer to draw this than think of jokes. Good times.

Colorful Music

This week’s comic is a total music nerd post. 79 bands, all with colors in their names. I’m sure I missed out on plenty, and if this strip gets any momentum online I’m sure I will find out exactly which ones. By the way, I hope the art isn’t too small. I like to get down and dirty and draw little tiny things and then I realize nobody can see them, but hey, whatever. It’s interesting. Back in the day little details and complicated drawings were cool. Now online, it’s all about simplicity.

But anyway, music. Bands. Colors. How many can you find without looking at the answers?