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The Cycle

Yeah… I mean, as this week’s Dustinland comic shows, it’s hard to sleep sometimes. Damn brain. Shut up! Shut up, brain! Perhaps some of this is due to my health habits of not working out ever, not meditating, etc… I should do some of that stuff. Also beer, coffee… all the things that make life fun… I dunno. I actually do everything in moderation but sometimes it feels like even that is too much.

Blech. I blame Trump.


Mo Politics Mo Problems

I know this week’s new Dustinland comic can be considered irresponsible, but I’m not trying to convince anyone to do or not do anything. I’m simply saying, man, it really sucks to have to stress out over politics all the time. It would be so much easier to just have relatively competent non-corrupt people in place running things so the rest of us could go back to our lives. But of course it doesn’t work that way – we must be vigilant, even though it’s boring and stressful and shitty in every way. Fun times.

P.S. I bet money some Trump supporters say “You should go to Mars and take the rest of the libtards with you” or something to that effect. Just more of the boring predictability I’m talking about.

No Sleep Til

Isn’t it the worst when you can’t sleep? Like in this comic, where I’m lying there, tossing and turning. Getting more stressed the later it gets. Or even if you fall asleep alright but just don’t sleep well through the night. There’s such a difference in your life when you actually sleep well. You’re not just more awake the next day, you’re happier.

Once in a blue moon I do drop a Benadryl, especially if I’m lying in bed struggling to sleep for an hour, but that has its own drawbacks, since while it may knock you out all night, the next day you’re all groggy. If I don’t have some serious caffeine, I’ll be in a post Benadryl haze for more than half the day.

I guess you’re just supposed to eat healthy and exercise and not be stressed out or surrounded by stupid barking dogs, and then you sleep well. That’s what they say anyway. And hell, when I’m on vacation, I sleep great! So there must be something to all that. There you go, lesson learned: Live life like you’re on vacation at all times and you’ll sleep much better.

We’re All Gonna Die

Ugh, this week’s comic is such a bummer. And so long. So many words. Why? Why do I do this? Actually, it’s just to get it out of my head, onto paper, and into the world. Then, in a sense, I’m just a little bit freer of it. It doesn’t really make much sense but I think a lot of people view life that way. You know, art is therapy to some degree. So, sorry if you had to sit through a DustinTherapyLand this week, but hey, I have anxiety about some serious issues. What can I do? I probably shouldn’t read so many depressing articles online.

Anyway, here is a picture of a horse.