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Dead Aminals

Yup, I drew a new Dustinland comic about roadkill. I know, just what you’ve been waiting for, right?! Well, if I can make this subject fun to read about, I’ve won. What I’ve won, I don’t know.

Wild Expectations

Don’t get me wrong, despite this week’s Dustinland comic, I really did have fun at the zoo with my toddler. It was just a different sort of fun. I mean, I get it. He doesn’t understand why a tiger is a big deal. And without that knowledge, when you see one from a relative distance and it’s just sitting there in the grass doing nothing, it’s not that exciting. And if you think about it, most of the zoo animals are just sitting there. Or sleeping there. Bears, hippos, giraffes. Most of the time, they graze at best. Maybe the seals make some noise, maybe the monkeys even chase each other. But really, when you’re two and you read books and watch TV shows where the animals sing and drive trains and solve mysteries, real life zoo animals are not that special.

Maybe that’s what the comic should have been about.

Bad Will Hunting

Don’t know how much more there is to say about this week’s Dustinland. I think I covered most of my feelings on hunting in there. It’s weird. For a liberal like me, there’s that initial instinct to say, hey, killing animals for pleasure is sick and unfair. But unless you’re a vegetarian or eating nothing but organic, free-range animals, you’d be a hypocrite to tell a hunter he’s mistreating animals. I can also imagine that hunting can be fun. Being outdoors, silently stalking your prey, at one with nature, basically getting back to your animal roots. I mean, hell, some people hunt with bows. That’s just ill right there.

But you know, I just don’t really feel like killing things. Maybe if I was going to eat it. I just would feel bad if I had to finish it off close range.

P.S. Also bad: killing cool endangered animals.