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Mr Sniffles

This week’s Dustinland comic — posted one day early btw — is about how I’m allergic to dogs and cats. It really sucks. I grew up with cats and I used to take allergy shots to deal with it, and it worked. BUT, I had asthma. No sneezies, but asthma. Then, I moved out. College. Bye bye asthma. So yeah, no more cats or dogs. Sucks big time. Especially for my kid. Man does he want a dog. Really badly. I definitely feel like an asshole depriving him of this key life experience. And he doesn’t even have a sibling. I suck. What can I say.

But hey, next time you stop by and see all his Legos, you’ll understand it a wee bit more.

Ragweed Takeover

Yup. This is pretty much my life right now. As I say in my comic, it’s a ragweed takeover. The worst part about it is that no one really has a ton of sympathy for allergies. I’m sure I’ve said this before since I tackle this subject from time to time, as it’s a yearly occurrence, but allergies are sort of funny to those who don’t suffer from it. It’s not like cancer or a broken leg. It’s sort of like, hey, that sucks but deal with it. And yes, that is true to some degree, but man, it really is hard going about your life when your allergies are out of control. Besides dealing with your symptoms, you have to think about all kind of things that you’d normal never consider. Hey, did you take a shower before bedtime? Don’t want to get pollen on your pillow. And worst of all, better not drink — alcohol exacerbates allergies. That really kills me because after a long day of sniffling and coughing, there’s nothing I could use more than a drink. Or five.

Lil Wheezy

I grew up with asthma but I rarely ever have it these days. Maybe I’ll have to bust out an old inhaler that is clearly past its expiration date once or twice a year when I get a bad cold or if it’s a tough allergy season, but that’s about it. And that’s great, because it sure does suck to have asthma. Especially as a kid. You know, in this week’s Dustinland I exaggerated the treatment I received from bullies and the like — I never really got pushed around or anything because I had asthma. But there were comments made and there is a general impression people form of you when you have it. Even as an adult, as soon as you bust out that inhaler, it seems that people view you as weak, rather then feeling bad you were born with a pretty awful breathing condition. And when you’re a kid, that makes it all the worse. Not only do you feel terrible, but everyone around you thinks it’s a joke. Man, growing up can suck big time.