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In this week’s new Dustinland comic, I make fun of the poster from 9-1-1 Season 3. I didn’t even know this was a show until the thumbnail popped up on Netflix. I can only assume it is a pretty bad generic cop/ER drama, just with a little Michael Bay over the top FX sprinkled on.

I know this is really out of the blue but I think it’s funny and it’s nice to take a break from politics for a minute and just laugh at something stupid (stupider than politics that is, if that’s possible).

Why I Don’t Like The Freedom Tower

I was originally going to title this comic “Why I Hate The Freedom Tower,” but then I realized I don’t hate it. I just don’t like it. I know, it’s easy to look at it and think, “Hey, wow, a super tall shiny modern building that’s supposed to represent all the good things about our country, sweet.” But it’s that second part that ruins it for me.

If this building had nothing to do with 9/11, I’d be cool with it. It is most likely going to be the largest LEED certified building in the world, and that’s something I support. But this thing is supposed to be a statement to the world. And that’s where it goes wrong—mostly because it has taken an embarrassing amount of time to get this thing done. And that’s because of the endless politically wrangling that goes on in this country for just about everything. After such an epic tragedy, you’d think we’d be able to get together, agree on something, then do whatever it takes to rebuild as soon as possible to show the world what we’re made of. Nope. As I said in the comic, plenty of enormous constructions have been built since 2001, and it didn’t take over a decade to complete any of them. Yes, of course you can’t compare this with your average building site, but still, even considering the circumstances, if the goal of this building was to send a message, we dropped the ball.

Frankly, I would have far preferred no building, just the wonderful memorials that stood exactly where the original towers were. Was there even a need for this much office space? I remember reading that they were having a hard time keeping the original towers fully occupied. But no, this is America, and we all knew from the very start, they were going to build something enormous. No other option would ever be seriously considered.

So now we have our new giant corporate office. It looms over the skyline—you can see it from pretty much anywhere it seems. And soon I’m sure we’ll all be seeing tourist photos with the tower in the background, or from the observation deck. And that’s always something a bit ghoulish to me. There was a site called something like Hot Girls Smiling At Ground Zero that makes the point I’m getting at better than anything I ever could write. It’s just weird to see people smiling and waving at the camera in front of a disaster site, yet that is what you see.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just tired of the whole thing. This moment in time that changed the world for the worse, that struck when I was just out of college, that marked the point when my naive trivial youth ended and my serious pessimistic adulthood started. And every time I see that building, that’s what I’m reminded of.

Oh well, at least it’s going to be officially called One World Trade Center and not the Freedom Tower.