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Introducing a new official video for Bonnie Prince Billy

Here’s some fun news — I created an official music video for Bonnie Prince Billy aka Will Oldham! Big thanks to my collaborators, writer, hustler and huge weirdo Mike Ayers, and animator extraordinaire Nick Deyring. It’s a bit ghetto but the story is awesome.

The video launched on Poetry Foundation (Will is a poet, if you didn’t know it) has been picked up by Pitchfork as well as Stereogum, The Guardian, Fuse, Brooklyn Vegan, Exclaim, Prefix, The Awl, Consequence of Sound and Rolling Stone… Russia. Good times. Enjoy:

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy “Time To Be Clear” from Drag City on Vimeo.

House on the Rock

I recently visited The House on the Rock in Wisconsin. It’s a place of madness. Sheer, wonderful, insanity. Enjoy:

Thanks For The Camera

Oh man, the camera I refer to in this week’s Dustinland is going to be the present ever. It’s really some addicting fun. It does take a while to put these little videos together though, so don’t expect a new one every week. Oh, and also there’s this thing called copyright laws, so it’s possible I’ll have to take this video down since I don’t own the song. You know, because I’m really hurting the The 69 Boyz by using their song “What You Want For Christmas.” But who knows, maybe they’ll like it and let me leave it up. Either way, it’s a funny song, and a funny video (at least I think so).