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Happy Ho-lloween

I was going to draw a comic about protesting the Tar Sands pipeline but I will save that for a more appropriate time… in the near future closer to a big protest date. Instead, here is something about boobs and a horse.

Chicks dressing up slutty is nothing new to Halloween, although judging by some of the costumes on sale these days, the whole sex aspect seems to be getting played up more — by both men and women actually. Maybe there are just more douche bags out there… maybe people just want attention. Hey, fine by me. If you want to show off your pumpkins all night, go for it.

So You Want Advice

I actually tackled the topic of this week’s Dustinland sometime back in 2007. Of course I didn’t realize that until after I finished drawing this latest strip. But I really do think this is a much improved comic so I took down the older one. Why did I wind up touching on the same topic twice? Well, for one, it’s a pretty universal truth that has most likely been going on for thousands of years, and probably will continue on into the future unless we evolve into higher beings or destroy ourselves (Doomsday Dusty at your service once again). But what really got me thinking about this again was a conversation I had with a cab driver. Who knew?

* Can anyone recognize what movie inspired the drawing in panel No. 3? Bonus points if you do!


If this gets more hits than my Hurricane Irene weekend live comic, I will be pissed. I mean, I like hits but still, what does that say about the internet and comics? Have you ever heard of someone live comic-ing anything? Really? I’m not saying for sure I’m the first person to do it, but I certainly haven’t heard anyone else do it. And rage comics don’t count.

So yeah, I should get some props here. But noooooo… people would rather have comics with a handful of panels and stick figures so they can read it in 15 seconds. Yeah, I know how it is these days. IM ON THE COMPUTER BUSY BUSY BUSY NEED FAST LOLZ BACK TO WORK. But still, live storm comic. Come on man. People gotta recognize a little innovation when it happens.

Eh, maybe it just wasn’t funny. Well, enjoy your vajazzling.