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Rockstar Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

A bunch of indie rockstar types sent some Thanksgiving recipes to my peeps at MTV Hive. I drew them and their dishes and made some sweet recipe cards out of them. Check em out here.

The full cast: Kidz in the Hall, Tune Yards, Marissa Nadler, A Place To Bury Strangers, Clams Casino, Jonathan Coulton, Escort, as well as Matt Pinfield and the glamorous MTV Hive editors.

Love from one of the Big 4: Anthrax weighs in on one of my drawings

Scott Ian from Anthrax tweeted about dreaming of Aliens only to wake up to farts. I drew this scenario for MTV. They tweeted it. Scott Ian retweeted it. After all these years… finally some acceptance into the metal community. Well, I’m glad he liked the drawing, because there’s always room for one more…

So Lou Reed walks into a Starbucks…

Okay. Tom Scharpling hosts a radio show called The Best Show on WFMU. He recently tweeted up a story about how he was in a Starbucks and Lou Reed walked in and did all sorts of Lou Reed things. This story is probably not true, but I illustrated it for MTV Hive anyway.

*Tom tweeted the story and L Magazine ran a nice little piece about it. Thanks L! I knew Williamsburg would pay off eventually. **Done Waiting ran it too.

Questlove tweets about Dustinland (kinda)

Okay not Dustinland, BUT, I drew this picture for MTV Hive. It’s an illustration of one of Questlove’s recent tweets. MTV Hive then tweeted about my drawing. Questlove then tweeted about it himself. So ultimately, Questlove retweeted a tweet about a drawing about his own tweet, but either way, he’s talking about my drawing, so that’s pretty cool. High five everyone! I’m the Jimmy Fallon of webcomics.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” illustrated for MTV Hive

In honor of Nevermind’s 20th anniversary, I recently illustrated “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for MTV. My favorite part is “I found it hard, it was hard to find.”

Sinead O’Connor Is Surprisingly Dirty

Who knew Sinead O’Connor was all about dirty butt sex? I guess recently she’s been tweeting about it and it’s causing quite a stir. That’s why MTV Hive asked me to illustrate some of her best quotes. Check it out!

*Picked up at The Daily Swarm.

80s rockstars as Superheroes

Since they’re coming out with a Morrissey comic, the folks over at MTVHive asked me to draw some other ’80s rock icons as superheroes. So here you go:

Gang Of Four

Echo and The Bunnymen

The Cure

Beavis and Butthead at 31

Check it out. Beavis and Butthead if they kept on aging after their show ended (they’d be 31 now). I did Daria too. And Stuart (as a hipster).