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This week’s Dustinland comic is the first drawing I’ve made with my right hand in a month AKA since I broke my hand! Not perfect, but progress!

Left Get Physical

I drew this new Dustinland comic lefty since my right hand is broken. But man, physical therapy is not fun. Ouch.

Ragweed Takeover

Yup. This is pretty much my life right now. As I say in my comic, it’s a ragweed takeover. The worst part about it is that no one really has a ton of sympathy for allergies. I’m sure I’ve said this before since I tackle this subject from time to time, as it’s a yearly occurrence, but allergies are sort of funny to those who don’t suffer from it. It’s not like cancer or a broken leg. It’s sort of like, hey, that sucks but deal with it. And yes, that is true to some degree, but man, it really is hard going about your life when your allergies are out of control. Besides dealing with your symptoms, you have to think about all kind of things that you’d normal never consider. Hey, did you take a shower before bedtime? Don’t want to get pollen on your pillow. And worst of all, better not drink — alcohol exacerbates allergies. That really kills me because after a long day of sniffling and coughing, there’s nothing I could use more than a drink. Or five.