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This week’s new Dustinland comic is about how I recently got Invisalign. I explain it all in the comic but yeah… not my favorite thing in the world but I’m hoping the results will be worth it. Just so annoying that despite having braces as a teenager for a bit, I still have to do this 30 years later. My dentist just said “yeah, teeth move.” I swear, the older you get, the more you’re like “no one told me about this!” Especially in the health department.

After a week though, I admit, I’m getting used to it. It’s just annoying if you’re not home. Definitely the worst part. Also – I really haven’t been snacking at all. Just such a pain to always be taking these things off and brushing… so I just eat three meals and that’s it. I wonder if people lose weight when they get these things. I probably don’t need that though. I’m already Kevin Durantish in stature, and I don’t mean financially.

You Can’t Go Back

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about childhood fading. Definitely a bit ore melancholy then my usually strips, but it’s something I want to touch on. This really did happen to me, exactly like it was in the comic. There’s a weird children’s museum in Connecticut that my son used to love when he was a little one… say 3 to 6 years old. And then I remember going back when he was getting a little bit older, and he was so excited, but when he got there… the magic was just gone. It was honestly a bit soul-crushing. Just sad.

Like the title of the comic says… you can’t go back. There is a time in life for certain things, and when that time is over, it’s over, whether you’re talking about toddler activities or a 40-year-old trying to recapture the nightlife of their 20s. Life moves on, and that’s both beautiful and sad at the same time.

Aging Tastes

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about all the lame stuff you begin to truly appreciate as you get older.

I’m not sure when you start liking this stuff. I don’t think it’s like someone hits a switch. I think it’s something that slowly starts happening over time. I guess the less you party, the more free time you have, the more chances you have to enjoy simple things, and slower things.

And now excuse me but I must attend to my massive collection of houseplants.

23 vs 43

This week’s new Dustinland comic is pretty straight forward. 23 vs 43. Comparing midlife lameness to early 20s party days. But you know, you can only be young once so I don’t miss it. I do miss the lazy weekends though, and the part where everything didn’t always hurt for no reason. But that’s about it.

And I kinda enjoy the part where I am not as emotionally unstable. Back then I felt an angry rage at everything. Now it’s just a low level malaise and depression mixed with acceptance.

Unskinny Bop

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about how I’ve always been skinny but maybe in middle age I have reached the point where if I don’t take care of myself, I will grow a dad gut. We’ll see! It’s hard to take care of yourself when you’re busy all the time, and also when you’re bored, uninspired and depressed. You know, it’s like, I can have abs, but does it really matter if democracy is crushed across the globe as the Earth becomes an uninhabitable hellscape?

Tuesdays, amirite?

A Soft Bulletin

This week’s new Dustinland comic is super sexy. Now, you can stop there ad see for yourself or you can read the next paragraph.

And learn that it’s about slow-closing drawers. Me and the mrs. recently turned a tiny unused room into a sort of walk-in closet, and we got all this stuff from Ikea, and man… those slow-close drawers and doors are just a constant source of pleasure. Every time. It never gets old.

Unlike me.

It My Birtday

This new Dustinland comic is about birthdays — mine more importantly, but yeah, sure. Yours too.

If I had time I would have made it way weirder but I’ve been busy doing birthday thangs.

Fast Times

I know this latest Dustinland comic is going to be seen as depressing for most people, especially parents. That’s okay. Sometimes we have to publicly talk about these things. You know, I spend most of my time entertaining people with my comics, making them feel better, distracting them. But the world is full of distractions. And social media is full of people saying “look at me, look what I did, look how great my life is, yay.” But that’s not reality. And that’s not looking at the hard truths that affect our lives. So yes, sorry if I bummed you out, but I do think it’s good to acknowledge some of the darker thoughts we all have from time to time, and maybe that will make us feel a little less alone.

Look I’m Old

I didn’t feel like downloading some weird app just to make myself look old, especially since it could be a sketchy data capture scam. So I drew it instead.

Agey Oldays

This week’s new Dustinland comic is right on time for Christmas! It’s about how hard it is to pick out presents as you get older.

Happy holidays everyone!

Oh and hey, if you still need a last minute gift… there’s always my book!