Tooned Out

This week’s new Dustinland comic is my response to all the idiots out there who think it’s cool that this has been the warmest winter ever in New York (and surely some other places). I see it all the time, in comments on every social platform… well, sure it’s abnormally warm but hey, isn’t life about the universe conforming to my personal preferences? And when that happens, shouldn’t I just enjoy it and ignore the causes of said abnormal conditions? It’s truly painful. It’s like there’s a tornado coming and people are just standing there enjoying the breeze before it hits because hey, isn’t this a nice breeze on a hot day?

Man, we are dumb. It’s really sad. We are so doomed. The only mildly satisfying part will be when all these morons realize how wrong they were, but sadly that won’t even happen because just like with the war in Iraq, a few decades later and no one will admit they supported it. Oh well, it was a nice run. And we really did have everything, didn’t we… if you think about it.

PS If you’re a Ren & Stimpy fan, you should notice a ton of references in this strip, including the backgrounds. I was a huge fan of those first two seasons, and I really do feel that Ren’s simmering rage and irritation sums up my feelings personally. Also yes I know the creator was cancelled for doing scumbag things. I can still like the show though.

5 responses to “Tooned Out

  1. This is a dead-on comic.
    I don’t know how folks do the so-so media thing, because they are (I guess with the exception of wordpress) run by profit-hungry morons exacerbating all the stupidity on parade, and who needs to deal with such disappointment every day?
    PS Fuck Reddit.

    • Wow even Reddit! You’re pretty hardcore. What’s your issue there? Feels like the least harmful of all the platforms… I mean, it’s borderline social media. Reddit is really just a series of forums. Unless you mean their IPO – that’s a huge bummer.

      • The only place I was drawn to was r/collapse, but after a year or so of lurking/a little commenting, I’ve been booted. Moderated by unpaid arbiters of the “community,” then banished.
        1. Reddit has a juvenile, clubhouse atmosphere with its corporate rules about “community” (hint: it’s not, it’s keyboarders who never see each other) and “be respectful,” whatever that means. Upvotes give the keyboardist a false and unspecific sense of clubhouse superiority, and as for the un-detailed downvotes, who needs or likes that sort of shit?
        2. You risk all sorts of aggrieved, petulant whining if you dare to try to challenge shibboleths like “fighting back” making-a-better worldisms.
        As you said, all of us in the west have ridden the fossil fuel gravy train, giving us absolutely top-notch comic commentary, mp3s, DVDs, strawberries in February, but some of us know how this ends, and we don’t need to participate in so-so media lies about it all. I understand why a professional artist would do it to get exposure, but for the rest of us, the oblivion of WordPress seems more sane.

  2. @notabilia Well, you know, the thing with Reddit is that every community is different. So if you post in something a bit more “political” or “controversial” or “intense” you’re gonna have a lot more of the attitude you describe. But there are zillions of subreddits. For example, I subscribe to r/museum and it’s just people posting interesting paintings, most of which I am not familiar with. It’s not really about a conversation – you just see artists you like and then look them up. Or there are really nerdy forums… sports forums. I follow the NY Mets one just to commiserate with other fans when the team collapses in heartbreaking fashion.

    Point is, unlike other platforms that serve you irritating content to get you riled up whether you choose to be riled or not, Reddit gives you the option to take part in the communities you prefer, which is what I enjoy about it. btw they do not like my comics there anymore lol. I just lurk for entertainment and rarely comment.

  3. Your comics are great – some dipshit redditor downvoted one?
    I trust what you say about how to use the forums, but I’m out.

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