To Root Or Not To Root

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about sports fandom. It’s pretty long and wordy — I haven’t done one this long in a while, mostly because no one has an attention span anymore, unless it’s for a video. But that’s another rant. We’re here to talk sports.

Now, I am posting this comic on Sunday, which is maybe not the best time, but it is right after the Mets lost two games to the Braves, and this is my way of processing that. Maybe they’ll win tonight and then I can feel at least slightly better tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


6 responses to “To Root Or Not To Root

  1. You’re like the only dude on the internet I seem to engage with via comments on a blog – even sporadically. /shrug. Love the questions and thought you put into your stuff. If no one else is listening, I am. 🙂 Blogs and Forums, dude – that’s the way to go.
    It’s supposed to be a conversation, right?

    Panels 7 and 8 are totally where my head is – I have ZERO investment in ANY sports team. I never watch them and I have no idea what is going on in that world…and GOD AM I THANKFUL. My experiences with sports fans skew negative. I have never understood identifying with a sports team to the degree where you are emotionally impacted by whether they win or lose. Unless you’re on the field, the win / loss ain’t got nuthin’ to do with you.

    The US is a dumpster fire and I have to manage how much news I’m consuming as it is; I’d hate to have to manage an irrational attachment to a sports team on top of everything else.

    Keep on keepin’ on. Love your stuff.

    • Thank you for all that – appreciate it! And you know, I was sort of born into sports, and I feel like as I get older, I get less emotionally involved, especially after long stretches where your favorite teams from childhood start to reveal themselves as essentially nothing more than poorly run businesses. I just unfortunately still have a soft spot for the Mets, so I will continue to have my feelings hurt every few years when suddenly they pretend to be a good team, only to flop at the last second.

      I actually wind up having more fun rooting for the teams my wife grew up watching in Wisconsin. I can cheer for them and genuinely feel good when they win, but I don’t “care” and that’s way better.

  2. Great comic. Expresses concisely what I have long thought.
    Lots of things that are irrational end up in our cultural baggage. If you (not the author of this extra-fine strip) don’t have an attachment to the hideous spectacle of professional sport, good for you , but then you have equally insane meritless enthusiasms: goddam Star Wars; Phish; Manchin electoral political shenanigans; the sheep stupidity of workplace gossip; craft beer; blog crap from your individual life.

    • Exactly. That’s what I was alluding to in panel 7. Especially for those of us that are not religious, we tend to fill our lives with meaning built around an obsession with something trivial. But you know, my Mets are your Pokémon are someone else’s quilting club. Whatever it takes to get through the day I guess.

  3. That is an excellent drawing of a pissed-off Mr. Met.

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