Another Day

After starting my day by having to tell my son about what happened in Texas, I felt compelled to create this new Dustinland comic.

Not much more to say here than what I already said in the comic. It’s just a harsh reality we live in. Very hard not to think humans are just generally shitty and hopeless, even though most of us are nice (maybe). As a whole… it just seems we are doomed to stand in our own way. Hard not to feel hopeless, but still gotta wake up and give it your best every day.

2 responses to “Another Day

  1. Hard to do it, but not giving up and trying your best everyday is what you can do to show the next generation to always be hopeful.

    • Yup, just gotta keep waking up and making it happen. I am very grateful for what I have, and that gets me through. But my hope for the future is very low. I really feel more like “we’re doomed but it’s nice now so might as well enjoy every moment.” Which is helpful on a day to day basis but still hard when your thoughts get the best of you.

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