Wrong Island

This week’s new Dustinland comic was inspired by my recent trip to Long Island. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not ALL like that — aka full of Trump trucks driving around with giant flags as if it’s still the summer of 2020. But there is quite a bit of that and it’s pretty depressing. And not only because I disagree with their politics. I think the real depressing part is that so many people are that angry all the time, that they need to literally drive the streets with flags designed to anger and intimidate their fellow citizens.

But yeah, we’re screwed. I actually drew a different final frame originally but edited it out. The original frame had a flag attached to my car, that said 1. You’re wrong 2. I don’t care 3. We’re all screwed, just deal with it quietly like an adult. Which is pretty much how I feel, although that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make the world a better place. It just means odds are we’re doomed and for your own mental health, accept that. We’ll all be a lot happier, and maybe even pleasantly surprised.

2 responses to “Wrong Island

  1. Great comic – have we as a country completely given up on noise ordinances for fossil-fuel vehicles?
    Can’t we fund the police by having them fine and arrest every motorcycle or F-950 tough-guy who gets off on committing constant aural mayhem?

    • I had dinner out there at a really charming family-friendly seafood restaurant, and there were a bunch of people sitting outside eating, lots of little kids, and of course some guy in a huge and incredibly noisy truck drove by — multiple times, it really felt like he was doing it on purpose. Great job, guy, you did it.

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