Let’s Goat

I pretty much say it all in this week’s new Dustinland comic. I took a five-day mini “vacation” last week, which basically entailed staying in an Airbnb and playing Minecraft and Legos with my son. But we did go to a little farm and hike with some goats, which was weird, wonderful, hilarious and many other adjectives. You should try it sometime. Especially with fat goats.

2 responses to “Let’s Goat

  1. I went on a goat hike with my kids and a trio of, uh, kids a couple of years back. Definitely something everyone should try once.

    • Zing! It really was great. And I was lucky enough to go during a snowstorm so it was like… walking goats through a winter wonderland. Really cool. They are funny animals. They kinda look dumb when you look into their eyes, but that may be due to the weird pupils. Either way, they are fun to pet and feed and watch eat things with their weird mouth movements.

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