Fast Times

I know this latest Dustinland comic is going to be seen as depressing for most people, especially parents. That’s okay. Sometimes we have to publicly talk about these things. You know, I spend most of my time entertaining people with my comics, making them feel better, distracting them. But the world is full of distractions. And social media is full of people saying “look at me, look what I did, look how great my life is, yay.” But that’s not reality. And that’s not looking at the hard truths that affect our lives. So yes, sorry if I bummed you out, but I do think it’s good to acknowledge some of the darker thoughts we all have from time to time, and maybe that will make us feel a little less alone.

4 responses to “Fast Times

  1. I can relate to this but, being the aged bloke that I am, I can tell you that when the grandchildren come you get to do it all again (including the sleepless nights). Wouldn’t change it for the world…

  2. long days/short years… its harder to appreciate the moment when things are hectic (esp with multiples). Im starting to see my oldest who is 11 turning into an adult as I observe at breakneck speed and I will miss the kids that they are now with the hope they grow into wonderful people.

    • Long days/short years – that is a wonderful way to put it. You know, one thing that makes me feel better is knowing that even though I used to argue with my parents a lot as a teen, once I went to college, our relationship got so much better, and the older I got, the more I appreciated them and the more we became friends.

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