Learning Language

In this week’s new Dustinland comic, my kid learns to curse. Oh well. I did do a good job of at least keeping it out of the house for years. But once a few older kids and big brothers come along… well, it’s only a matter of time. May he use them sparingly and appropriately.

2 responses to “Learning Language

  1. I’ve no problem with my kids learning profanity, I just want them to also learn which people they should not say those words in front of.

    • Yes! That’s my number one comment to my kid. I say “Just don’t use those words at school, if teachers hear you, you can get in big trouble.” School, around family, etc… I know he’s going to say shit, but he has to learn how to say shit, when and to whom. Also I wrote whom, but it really feels wrong in this context.

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