What’s In A Name

This week’s new Dustinland comic is about when people get your name wrong. I used to just get Justin instead of Dustin, but these days, it has gotten weirder.

So…  anyone ever really mangle your name?

4 responses to “What’s In A Name

  1. My name is Cliff, I get called Chris, Clint, Quint, Quince, Quinn, Clef a lot on the phone. One time I think a customer thought I said my name was Clit, going off her surprised reaction when I said my name.

  2. Liam. But I’ve been called Lie-am, Leem, Lehman, Leo, Leah, Lamb, Lion, Lemur, Clam, Neal, Ryan, William and many more. It’s gotten better since it somehow became the trendiest baby name after 30+ years of people being completely perplexed by it.

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