This week’s new Dustinland comic is a depressing look at how shitty America has become. I wonder if we can ever fix this? Hard to say. Even if we get rid of the losers causing all this suffering, I think we have done irreparable damage to the nation in the eyes of the world. That being said, if we survive it and come out on top, it’s a good lesson for the world. You can’t sleep on evil. It never goes away, and as for America being the world police, well… who watches the watchmen?

2 responses to “Commisernation

  1. Bitter Scribe

    To me the most appalling detail is that shelter workers are under strict orders not to pick up, touch or physically comfort the children torn from their parents in any way.

    Remember that experiment where baby rhesus monkeys preferred a warm, cuddly surrogate mother made of terrycloth over one made entirely of wire, even though the wire one dispensed milk?

    As Wonkette said, we are now the wire mother.

    • People throw out the Hitler/nazi comparison way too often in political discussion but in this case, it really makes you understand how it happens. It’s just a slow slide into horror where they just keep pushing what you’ll accept, little by little.

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