Sunny Days

This new Dustinland comic seems to pretty much speak for itself. And I’m sure it will irritate a lot of people who do enjoy unseasonably warm weather, but hey, I mean, if I can’t ruin a nice sunny day for people by reminding them it’s a symptom of a manmade global holocaust, what’s the point of drawing comics?

2 responses to “Sunny Days

  1. I just started volunteering at a homeless shelter, and I’m sure most of the guys (they’re mostly guys; our clients skew about 7:1 male) appreciate warm weather in the early spring.

    OTOH, they probably didn’t like the severe cold with intense snowdrifts we experienced last winter.

    Gee, if we can’t be bothered to stop fucking up the atmosphere by burning shit, maybe we could at least take care of the most vulnerable among us, who are the most directly affected by our irresponsibility in this regard? Nah, no money, because rich people always need tax cuts.

    • Good for you man. I need to volunteer more. I did NY Cares once. ONCE! And they tell you as a beginner, 95% of you will only do this once, and you think, nah, that won’t be me. But it was! Ah, I suck. At least I donate.

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