The Cycle

Yeah… I mean, as this week’s Dustinland comic shows, it’s hard to sleep sometimes. Damn brain. Shut up! Shut up, brain! Perhaps some of this is due to my health habits of not working out ever, not meditating, etc… I should do some of that stuff. Also beer, coffee… all the things that make life fun… I dunno. I actually do everything in moderation but sometimes it feels like even that is too much.

Blech. I blame Trump.

2 responses to “The Cycle

  1. I feel your pain, brother.
    I kid you not, I drink a *lot* more since 45 was elected. It is so depressing to see the state of our country. I have a child with special needs and our nation’s continued stance against universal healthcare – or even reasonable healthcare – is *soooo* depressing.

    I had 3 Old Fashioned cocktails in the past 3 hours. I’m definitely buzzed or blitzed even as I write this. Prior to the Repuglican take-over, I didn’t even know how to mix an Old Fashioned. Its depressing.

    Is drinking the right solution? Nope…but at least it feels good for a short while.

    And, yeah, I need to get my @$$ to the gym more – eat better – meditate – something.

    So painful to see the degree to which the US has fallen.

    • That’s rough man. I guess it’s good to see we’re all in this together — a bunch of depressed liberals/normal not-crazy humans who can’t deal with the madness.

      You know, every once in a while someone pushes me to make more political comics, but when I try, they just come up super depressing, and what’s the point of putting that out into the world? Last night I literally started drawing what the Trump Bill of Rights would look like, and it just went from funny to sad really quickly.

      I think it’s the feeling of powerlessness in the face of clear criminality, along with the support of a plain disgusting human being by so many millions of people, the obvious slide into authoritarianism fueled by tactics straight out of 1984… and we just have to watch it happen. I don’t know what else to do. Riot in the streets? March with a witty sign? Complain on Facebook?

      I just read Lord of the Rings for the third time. Why? It’s comforting. It’s a big fat book where good and evil are clearly defined, and eventually, good prevails. And it is a world where honor still counts for something. Makes sense when you consider it was written by someone who fought in WWI. So yes, a retreat into fantasy. That’s what I do every night before I go to sleep. Sure beats reading the news.

      I should probably end with something positive here… so… I guess there are hundreds of millions of people who make a dollar a month and can barely find food, so we shouldn’t complain too much. Plus I’m sure during the Cuban missile crisis everyone thought they were going to die, and they didn’t. So maybe things will all work out. Until then, cheers!

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