Move Your Sack

Let me get into the interesting details behind this week’s Dustinland comic.

See, I drew the first half based on my daily annoyances that are pretty well spelled out in the strip. But then, after it was all done and even uploaded, this morning I listened to an episode of This American Life, which I never do on my commute, because I never do the podcast thing, always opting for music instead. And this episode, it was about a French comedian trying to make it in America. At one point Jeff Garland is critiquing his set, and just goes off. “He’s a craftsman, but he’s not an artist because I don’t care about what he’s talking about. He doesn’t care! Talk about what you care about! That’s interesting!”

And I was inspired to go deeper with this strip. Because as you can see, I do care. It’s about the principle. Not just the bag, not just the minor inconvenience. Every time this happens, I think about all this stuff, all this human nature misery. It riles me up. That’s why I care. And now you know. Thanks, Ira Glass!

4 responses to “Move Your Sack

  1. love this. and the strip this week- dead on. screw those guys indeed. i picture you, or some other brave/insane soul finally snapping Jerry Macguire style and telling some bag-having asshat off and getting a standing ovation. Perhaps not for the high-minded ideals you end on, but you can revel in those privately.

  2. I’m 99% with you except for one thing: Sometimes it’s easy to get on a train with few people on board, think “OK, no one will mind if I put my bag on the seat,” then become engrossed in your phone or magazine or whatever to the extent that you don’t realize how the train is filling up until you look up and someone is standing in the aisle glaring at you.

    Of course, that’s a rookie mistake. If you’re a regular commuter and you know the train is going to fill up, there’s no excuse.

    • Yeah I’m with you on that. I do try to subscribe to the whole David Foster Wallace give people the benefit of the doubt thing. But that goes out the window when it’s regular commuters taking the same exact crowded train at the same time every single day. They know. They just don’t care.

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