Happy Holidays: 2017 Style

This new Dustinland comic pretty much says it all. It is a really miserable time for a majority of Americans. Although a very vocal minority is super happy right now, and I will say it right here: Just wait for the gloating comments on this strip. I predict they will either simply revel in “look how the liberals are freaking out” or perhaps voice some sort of sad, patronizing “the liberals are now delusional and we should pity them” thing. Just watch — it is so predictable, it’s really sad and scary. I have to admit, the right wing propaganda machine we are witnessing right now is incredibly effective to the point of sci-fi brainwashing. It may be undoable. I mean, we’re in 1984 territory right now, with truth and fact no longer agreed upon. 2 + 2 =5. That’s our future. Hell, that’s our present. Fun times everyone. Drink up. Happy holidays.

2 responses to “Happy Holidays: 2017 Style

  1. Call me a cockeyed optimist, but we’ve been just as fucked before and we’ve bounced back. Look at Joe McCarthy (the politician closest to Trump IMO). He had half or more of the country believing that our biggest problem was an Army dentist getting a promotion. He went on to a spectacular implosion.

    We’ve gotten through the Depression, World War II, the Jim Crow era and many other episodes where unregenerate swinishness reigned supreme, and we’ve always come out on top. This too shall pass.

    • Maybe you’re right – I hope so. I do see a bit of a unique problem though, considering that the very foundations of civilization are crumbling as we can no longer agree on what is real and what isn’t. People joke about the post-fact world, but it’s very scary – that’s the kind of environment dictators thrive in.

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