This week’s new Dustinland comic is pretty straightforward. But I really do think it worked. Took a while. When he was two, three, he just didn’t care about music. Then it hit me — instead of focusing on the music, I focused on the subject matter. It had to be really obvious. And it had to be about a kid-friendly subject. Police, good guys, bad guys, monsters, robots, thunder, lightning, fire, race cars… And as you can see from my comic, it worked! And once he got hooked, then he diversified on his own and started hearing my music and asking me to add it to his list.

So I did it! At least until he’s older and then instinctively starts listening to whatever I hate, just to make a statement. So I guess pop country. Can’t wait.

4 responses to “Inrocktrinate

  1. What’s really sad is I recognized only three of those songs.

    (Although I might get more of them if I actually heard them–IOW I might know the songs but not recognize the titles.)

  2. Haha I did the same thing with my kids 🙂 didn’t work too well in the long run, they’re 20 & 21, now but the Flaming Lips and Cake stuck 🙂

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