I gotta say, when Louis CK was implicated as a moltesty perv, it was really depressing. Can we have no heroes? I mean, Freud said we’re all screwed up over sex, but can’t these dudes be silently or privately screwed up like everyone else and not take it out on innocent people (I was going to say women but there’s Kevin Spacey)? Well anyway, that’s the subject of this week’s Dustinland comic. And like I say in the comic, it’s crazy, but right now every guy in America is walking around, wondering if they ever did something they shouldn’t have. And that’s a good thing, because I can only assume it will lead to less creepy activities in the future.

In lighter news, I was playing a game with my friends where we tried to figure out who would be the person least likely to be outed as a molester. My buddy said Tom Hanks and I don’t think I could beat that. Another friend said Dave Grohl, which is pretty good too, although as a rock star, I think he comes in second after Hanks. How about Viggo Mortensen? He seems like a nice guy. Have you ever seen him in a nordic sweater? Innocent, I say. Oh… wait… I got it: Stevie Wonder.

2 responses to “Exposed

  1. To me George Takei was the most depressing, even more so than Louis CK. Although…

    In Takei’s case it was one guy who accused him of groping. Louis CK, Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore, Bill Cosby and others had multiple accusers.

    I don’t want to be one of those people who rationalizes sexual assaults, blames, the victim, etc., just because he likes the person being accused. But are we going to be in a situation where one-off accusations can ruin someone’s reputation?

    • Hmmm… I didn’t hear about the Takei thing. But you know, I agree – right now there are big stories that are highly corroborated by multiple sources, and then smaller one-off accusations. I am focused on the former, because when it’s two people arguing over what really happened 20 years ago… it’s not worth ruining someone’s reputation and career over that. Sex and love is weird and people do weird stuff. Might not always be the mark of a predator, even if someone is left feeling upset.

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