Pumpkin Pumpkins

This week’s comic is about how there are 50 days until Halloween, and yet every supermarket is already full of PUMPKIN EVERYTHING and OCTOBERFEST. The only thing they don’t seem to have out yet is apple cider, and that’s the one thing I actually want right now. And apple cider donuts. Hot ones.

I mean, some pumpkin stuff is delicious. Shipyard nailed pumpkin beer. Pumpkin pie — delicious. But 1. it’s too early. And 2. the sheer amount of pumpkin flavored items is overkill at this point.

Anyway, I actually had more ideas for this comic but not enough time to draw them all:

  • Self driving pumpkin — not there yet but in 2019 they’ll be released.
  • Hurricane pumpkin (too soon) — leaves pumpkin scented devastation in its wake.
  • Napumpkinalene — detox from opioids through the magic of pumpkins. Chemically it does nothing for you, but what goes better with cold turkey than pumpkin?
  • Pumpkin wall — illegal immigrants can stay in this country if they help build a wall made of pumpkins to keep everyone else out.
  • Octoberfist (this one is R-rated) — a girl in a German waitress costume fists you while you bite down on a pumpkin

5 responses to “Pumpkin Pumpkins

  1. To me the definitive Halloween-pumpkin trope will always be Calvin about to carve a jack-o-lantern:

    Calvin: “OK, JACK, TIME FOR YOUR LOBOTOMY! Hand me the scoop, Hobbes.”

    Hobbes (eyes wide, hand over mouth): “Ugh! No anesthetic, even.”

  2. The Far Side was also a classic. Not as emotional or well-drawn, but the guy churned out so many brilliant one-panel strips. The consistency over a long period of time was really amazing.

  3. There’s something else those two strips have in common: Their creators stopped because they felt they were running out of ideas and didn’t want to go through the motions with stale, repetitive work.

    When I think of that, and then look at all the hackwork legacy strips that are on their second and third generation, like “Blondie,” “The Lockhorns,” “The Family Circus” and many others. it irks me. I think there should be a law that when a comic strip creator dies, his strip dies with him, and his heirs have to find honest work.

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