There’s No Convincing

With the Climate March coming up, I felt compelled to write this Dustinland comic, since it’s the one issue I care most about. After a long time trying to figure out what I could do to convince people to care, I realized I can’t convince anyone, since I’ve tried many times before, and still no one seems to give a shit. So I made a comic about that.

2 responses to “There’s No Convincing

  1. And when the catastrophe does happen, they’ll say it’s God’s judgment against gay marriage or some damn thing.

    • They’ll never admit they were wrong, or if they do, they’ll blame it on someone else for tricking them. Although they have been brainwashed by Fox and conservative radio for decades, so in some ways, they’re right. Also, I’m sort of more mad by liberally minded/progressive types who just ignore the seriousness of the situation because they’re too lazy to deal with the reality.

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