The Fun Never Begins

This new Dustinland comic is pretty straight forward so not too much to say here, aside from the fact that I was inspired to write it after reading comments from Trump supporters regarding the Women’s March. It really was amazing how people who didn’t know each other were saying almost identical things in completely different forums and social media platforms. I know there’s a lot of similarity between liberal ideas, but the speed in which the identical response to the Women’s March was shared between Trump fans was really amazing, and sort of scary. For a group that proposes to be about freedom and anti-establishment values, they seem pretty eager to accept and spread any propaganda that reinforces their beliefs and makes them feel better about themselves in the face of evidence and facts that paint them and their man in even the slightest negative light.

Should be a fun four years (or months). Oh well, they can always read last week’s comic for excuses once the S.S. Donald starts taking on water.

2 responses to “The Fun Never Begins

  1. It’s not just idiotic ordinary Trump supporters who are taking the line in panels 5-6. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been whining about Democrats obstructing Trump.

    Yes, Mitch fucking McConnell. The same douche who announced shortly after Obama’s first election that his goal was to make Obama a one term president. The same shitbag who refused even to hold a hearing on Obama’s nominee to replace Scalia on the Supreme Court.

    Do these people even know what the word hypocrisy means?

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