Post Debate Syndrome

This week’s Dustinland comic describes my post debate mood.┬áMore so directly after the debate rather than the following day, but either way, it’s super depressing. I actually had to take a Benadryl to get to sleep last night, the debates stress me out so much. Instead of inspiring you, they make you feel like shit. It’s a real bummer. Hopefully we’ve hit the bottom but who knows. There’s always worse.

2 responses to “Post Debate Syndrome

  1. The debates are a mess, but what about on election day? What if you go to
    vote and there’s a half-dozen armed citizens outside the polling station.

    Imagine what happens if Trump doesn’t concede. Or imagine the protests that could quite likely happen during the inauguration.

    There’s rock bottom and then there’s nightmare level.

    • Agree – it could get worse for sure. My hunch is that Trump is too lazy to actually do anything organized and damaging. But I do think he will cause trouble with social media. Just randomly posting crazy stuff and inspiring his obsessed hypnotized supporters to do dangerous things. I am a little concerned about intimidation at the polls but I don’t think it will happen in significant numbers to affect results. Definitely a concern though. Fingers crossed we’ve hit the bottom and we don’t have to go to nightmare zone.

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