From The Bottom Of My Heart

This latest Dustinland comic will probably offend some people but oh well. At this point, Dustinland is a non-profit venture. I don’t make money off it, and my livelihood does not depend upon it. So I can do with it whatever I want, and at this point, I feel like venting. Perhaps you agree with me, perhaps you don’t. Either way, it’s hard to argue with this one fact: I hate this election more than any I have ever been witness to. It is awful and depressing, and winning is losing to some degree in either situation. That’s how I feel, and that sucks — for me.

It will probably suck for you too whether you know it or not, and that’s sad. Hey, maybe not. Maybe everything will turn out just fine. I would love that. I would love to be wrong. Because unlike most people these days, I’d rather be happy than right.

5 responses to “From The Bottom Of My Heart

  1. Amen

  2. Nice rant, with you all the way. Liked the “four finger salute” panel btw

  3. Sorry but I can’t go quite as far as you in blaming Hillary for the election being close. She’s been outrageously maligned and slandered for decades now, and I really don’t think very much of it is her fault at all. If Trump had shit his pants during the debate, the Chuck Todds of the world would be right there going, “Is Hillary too unsoiled to relate to the average voter?”

    • Yeah but if you know you’re going to run for president, and that’s pretty much all she’s done for the last 20 years, don’t be stupid with your emails. Don’t engage in shady lobbyist stuff with your foundation. These are things she admittedly fucked up, so that’s on her. Also she is terrible with the media. Her long term strategy of “running against the media” does not work in this modern world. You mess up, own up to it, then move on. Finally she gets it and handled it well in the debate, but it’s too late. She hides things and it makes her look sketchy.

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