Mi Casa es Mi Casa

I just bought a house. And that’s what this week’s latest Dustinland comic is about. Honestly, I could write an entire graphic novel just about this. The entire process. In some ways you could say it took years. Just closing on the house alone was many months. I could go on and on here and now, but I will save it for future comics.

If I have the time to draw comics, that is, since I will soon be so broke, in my spare time I’ll have to be one of those guys selling bottled water at stoplights.

4 responses to “Mi Casa es Mi Casa

  1. Congratulations! And welcome to the neverending list of repairs haha.

    No it’s great, really!

  2. Assuming you didn’t buy right before a real estate collapse, like Bitter Schmuck here, you’ll find that over the long term, it’s a great investment.

    Would it be too intrusive to ask if your new house is in the Five Boroughs?

    • Nah, but close. Westchester. And you know, 20-30 years from now we’ll be in a global climate change collapse so who knows. Maybe we’ll all be screwed. High five for pessimism. You can never be disappointed. Only pleasantly surprised.

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