Effing Cats

You know, I love cats, but man, these wild ones are annoying. As I say in this week’s new Dustinland comic, the kittens are cute, but the adults just hump ALL THE TIME. And they are noisy and crazy and scary with their weird sex sounds, especially in the middle of the night. Definitely not as fun as the cats you see on the Internet in memes. Hey, maybe this can be a new meme. Humping scary feral cat. Oh, maybe Humpy Cat? Probably exists already. Everything does.


4 responses to “Effing Cats

  1. So that’s what that sound is! I hear it from my window too, and thought it was some poor cat getting brutally attacked by, I dunno, a raccoon or something. It’s certainly an annoying sound, but I feel slightly better knowing that it’s the sound of a good time.

  2. It’s funny, as I was reading this the neighborhood Catanova started his early evening come-hither call. I think the male cat’s sex drive is so sensitive, he probably sensed someone was thinking about cat sex and decided to give the old howling a go.

    • Ha! You know, it’s hard to be a hater when they’re so committed to what they do. I just think several consecutive days of nearly 24-hour humping and screeching was probably too much. Definitely died down around my parts though. Maybe you’re right – maybe they could sense I was drawing that comic and got offended.

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