Almost Virtual

Don’t get this week’s new Dustinland comic wrong — I think virtual reality is super cool and I really do want it to work and be awesome. But I tried it twice and both times I felt disoriented for about half an hour afterwards. And that was just after 15-30 minutes of use.

Maybe it treats different people differently, just like sea sickness. Or maybe it’s just something your brain has to get used to. Let’s hope that’s the case. I just worry that essentially fooling your brain may have major negative long term effects. But I guess we’ll find out soon! #progress

2 responses to “Almost Virtual

  1. There was a fascinating article in a recent New Yorker about making VR movies. To date they’ve all been shorts, partly because they’re so damn hard to make, but mostly because no one can stand to watch one for more than about 10 minutes, for the reasons you state in your comic.

    • So much potential – I did one thing, it was about a minute or two, you’re standing on a shipwreck underwater and a whale approaches you. It’s so real you physically step back. It’s really amazing and entertaining. If they can figure out the health issues, it could reinvent entertainment.

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