Father’s Day 2016

This is a little early for Father’s Day but I draw my comics on Sunday nights, so the only way to get this done in time would be to spend Saturday night or Father’s Day evening at the computer, and I’d rather not. So here’s a new Dustinland comic a little early for all the dads out there. And in fact, even more than that — it’s just a nice thought for parents in general, even people who aren’t parents. It’s just nice to think there are millions of these little people running around, innocent little kids, who don’t know the horrors of the world. Who wake up every day excited to experience something new and fun. That’s how it should be for every child. And maybe even every parent. Maybe we should learn from them and do our best to not be jaded, to stop and realize what a wonderful world this is, and to start every day fresh and full of possibilities.

Happy Father’s Day. Enjoy every moment.

4 responses to “Father’s Day 2016

  1. I got a little dust in my eye.

  2. Bitter Scribe

    The best time I ever had with a stranger’s kid was in a supermarket checkout line. The woman behind me had a boy of about 2 sitting in her cart. The kid was just barely starting to talk, but already he made more sense than a lot of adults I deal with.

    I unloaded a big bag of tortilla chips. He pointed at it and told his mom, “I want dat.”

    “You shouldn’t,” I told him. “It’s not good for you.”

    “It’s yummy,” he said.

    “Yes it is,” I said. “And my mommy isn’t around to stop me from eating it. But yours is.”

    The kid looked at the chips, at me, at his mom, then pointed at me and told his mom, “I wanna go wif him.”

    Everyone in the line, including the cashier, cracked up.

    • I would have been proud if I was his mom. I mean, not his mom, his dad. I would be proud to be his mom too. Nothing wrong with that. I can use whichever bathroom is right for who I am.

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