Truly Trump

This week’s Trump-inspired Dustinland comic is pretty straightforward. But where it came from is actually more interesting. I’ve thought about the culture war thing behind both the intense and illogical hatred of Obama and the rise of Trump for a while. So clearly that was a big part of this strip. The fact that people support Trump not really because of policy but because they want to “win.” There’s an us vs. them mentality in this country, and it’s been particularly stoked on the right by FOX News and rightwing radio for financial gain. So supporting Trump’s “initiatives” is really just code for “he’s one of us.” I don’t think this is really that much of a new thought, although I feel good about repeating it. But one unexpected thing that inspired this strip came to me through a little research into the other side.

You can read all the opinion articles and punditry pieces you want. Even when they’re incredibly thoughtful and well-informed, you can still learn just as much by reading forums and comment sections. I came across a post by a conservative talk show host asking his followers why they liked Trump despite the many instances where he has clearly not stood up for traditional conservative values and issues. There were some comments where people straight up said”I know it’s not rational, I know he probably doesn’t know what he’s doing politically, but I’m so angry and he is the voice of my anger.” I always assumed it was something subconscious. To hear people admitting they will vote for a crappy, inexperienced candidate simply because he says the right things and makes them feel good, that was really something amazing to see. It’s basically someone accepting that propaganda is working on them, and embracing it, sort of like loving Big Brother at the end of 1984.

Really fun times, guys. I can’t wait to see how crazy conservatives get if they lose the election. Will they be able to handle it, or will they go off the deep end and wreck some serious havoc? Will they look inward and try to make some real changes to their party and approach? Will they double down and dig the hole deeper? I’m sure whatever happens, it will be unpleasant for everyone.

8 responses to “Truly Trump

  1. What Trump seems to promise people more than anything else is that he will hurt others on their behalf. In that respect he has purified the GOP sales pitch more than any candidate in recent history.

    • It’s interesting how Trump and Sanders are answers to the same problem (dishonesty from candidates due largely to commitments to industry lobbyists) but from opposite sides.

      • I really don’t think the issue is dishonesty on either account. Sanders is interested in countering massive inequality. That inequality is furthered by lies, but the lies aren’t the problem. It’s the inequality. At to Trump, his followers hate a lot of people. They may tell themselves they are just angry at dishonesty on the part of politicians, but that’s just a pretext. The goal is to hurt people, nothing more.

      • I’m not saying that Trump and Sanders supporters are coming from the same place in terms of what inspires their politics. I think that both conservatives and liberals are tired of candidates that are so bought and paid for, you know what they’re going to say before they begin speaking. I’m talking about the Kerry / Romney type of career politician. Now of course you can argue about how necessary it is to play within the system to accomplish things, but that’s a very logical way of looking at it. When people let their emotions take control, they just go looking for someone who doesn’t owe anyone anything, and is ready to “tell it like it is.”

  2. Scott Adams, author of the Dilbert comics, dives into how Trump is persuading a broad base to vote for him. Very interesting to watch, for a Canadian.

    • Great read. What an interesting guy. So smart and logical. Gotta love these nerdy cartoonists!

      • Bitter Scribe

        I used to like Scott Adams until he went off the deep end as an MRA (I think they call it “taking the red pill”) and started writing insane rants about how terrorists blow things up because they aren’t getting enough pussy. Which he calls “access to sex,” as though women’s bodies are some sort of natural resource, like lake water, that by rights must be shared.

      • I have no idea what he’s been up to lately, I just remember when he had that weird neurological speech issue and sort of hacked his behavior to teach himself how to talk again. I gained a new appreciation for him after that.

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