Toe Flush

This week’s Dustinland comic is about public bathrooms. It’s title “Toe Flush.” I think that says it all. We’ve all done it. But what inspired me to draw a comic about it was watching my son do it. At home. He didn’t actually learn it from me. He learned it from his mom. They were out at some dirty public bathroom and she did the old toe flush and now he tries doing it even at home. He just thinks it’s fun. He doesn’t get the concept of not wanting to touch a filthy public poop handle.

As for the caption, well, some of you may remember this classic PSA from back in the day. So there you have it.


7 responses to “Toe Flush

  1. I don’t really get this one, don’t you wash your hands afterwards anyway?

    • True, but sometimes a public bathroom is just so gross, you don’t want to touch anything, especially the flush handle, as it has been touched by the most post-butt pre-washed hands. Probably mental rather than scientific but it feels right.

      • Ah, I get that. I think for me wiping my ass is gross enough so it doesn’t seem to matter what kind of filth I stick my hand into after. I feel like my hands are already crawling with deadly bacteria.

  2. Bitter Scribe

    So that’s why so many toilets are auto-flush.

    Although it kind of annoys me when I set it off twice before I get out of the stall. Sometimes I snap at the toilet, “C’mon, my butt’s not that big.

    And then it flushes again.

  3. I hear you, i fear my ODC bathroom habits will rub off on the kids.

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