Two Mommies

Sometimes I don’t have to think about a comic. Something just happens in my life and I basically record it in comic form. That’s what happens in this week’s Dustinland comic. Just a conversation between me, the wife and the kiddo. A conversation about having two mommies.

My favorite part is that my wife is so keen about explaining the two daddies/two mommies thing, and this was her first chance to do it, and of course little man flips it on her in such a perfect way. Kids. Gotta love em.

2 responses to “Two Mommies

  1. Between this and your “red condom” gag a few weeks ago, I can only conclude that either your wife is remarkably tolerant, or you don’t let her read your comics.

    • She’s pretty awesome. But it’s also like Chris Rock said in a routine: “I have my comedy wife, and my real wife.” I sort of turn the whole family into exaggerated characters for comedic effect. Our reality is not so sitcom-esque. Or maybe it is and we just like it that way.

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