I Just Can’t Say

No point in writing any more about this week’s Dustinland comic, considering it’s already a pretty lengthy rant in itself. But yeah, pretty self explanatory. I would imagine you either love it or hate it, depending on your political views, so feel free to heartily agree or to troll me mercilessly. Either way, good times.

4 responses to “I Just Can’t Say

  1. I can say, that if Trump gets in I’m glad I live 9000 miles away, very nice, cogent rant “thumbsup”

  2. Trump is a child. It’s unbelievable how thin-skinned he is (while considering himself such a tough guy). And I can’t stand the way he says everything twice. He’s like Foghorn Leghorn with a New York accent.

    • It would really be funny if it wasn’t so depressing. Although if he becomes the nominee and then gets demolished in the election, it would go back to being funny again.

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