Color Therapy

Despite the feel of this week’s Dustinland comic, I love the whole adult coloring book thing that’s been super hot the last year or so. It’s like monks making those sand tapestries or whatever they’re called. Very eastern. Mindless meditative art is awesome. Hey, that’s one of the things I love about drawing comics. Yes, the first part of it is anything but mindless. But once it’s written and pencilled, the inking and coloring is relaxing. And mindless doodling, that’s even better. Just getting lost in your art… I love that more people are doing it, even if it’s “just” coloring.

But it is funny to see my wife using coloring books more than my kid.

5 responses to “Color Therapy

  1. I’m waiting for paint-by-numbers to come back. That was awesome.

      • To be fair to Dubya, those were legit paintings.

        Say what you want about his artistic talents. I’m just grateful he’s occupying his time with something harmless and not running around like that loathsome shitspeck Dick Cheney, mouthing off about how everything he did was great and Obama is an incompetent who’s ruining the country.

  2. Not to compare him with Hitler, but man, if these politicians would just follow through on their art, the world would be way better off.

    • Their art or anything else.

      Lenin once remarked that if he listened to Beethoven’s “Appassionata” too often, he wouldn’t have time for the revolution. To which Serge Rachmaninoff (a refugee from the Communists) sighed, “If only he’d listened to it more.”

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