The Gun Debate

I don’t want people to get this week’s Dustinland comic wrong: It’s not that I’m saying the gun debate isn’t important (although I do think there are more important issues). I’m saying that you can’t argue rationally with people who are illogically obsessed with one issue.

Now, let’s say climate change is your one issue. I get it. The future of the human race is at risk. Or maybe you’re religious and abortion is your one issue. Hey, if you believe God is telling you to stop killing babies, that’s a pretty important issue in your world. But to believe that out of all the issues in the world, gun rights is by far the most important? That is some crazy shit.

I can only imagine what it’s like to live that way. In a constant state of fear, believing that you CANNOT be safe without a gun. That at any moment a horrible intruder will burst through your door with the intent to murder you. Or maybe it’s deeper. You need the gun to feel strong. Let’s be honest, it’s your dick. It’s like a fancy car or a big truck but better. NO ONE CAN FUCK WITH ME NOW. You’re basically still in junior high. Or maybe you had some serious issues as a child, maybe you were robbed or brutalized in the past. Maybe that would at least make sense as to why anyone would be so insanely obsessed with guns as to place gun ownership at the top of all voting issues in a world as screwed up as ours, and at a level where you’re okay with convicted felons and terrorist watch list members being able to buy an assault rifle no problem.

I’m not saying there aren’t reasonable people who are in favor of gun rights. I’ve argued with a gun rights lobbyist on a friend’s podcast once. He had some good points. Again, what I’m saying is that it’s pretty nutty to make this the most important thing in your life.

P.S. If this seems repetitive, I’m just trying to make my point clear here to avoid the onslaught of trolls, although I expect some of it no matter what.

4 responses to “The Gun Debate

  1. right on re. living in fear – good topic choice. terrorism, mass shootings, robbery – for most of us we are going to be affected by a car accident and/or health issues long before we personally encounter those. the world is extremely humongous and the bad guys can’t simply be everywhere at once. and yes there are lots of big problems today but this is hardly the first time in history of utter hatred & brutality. even with all of this, there is so much beauty & wonder everywhere around us but we need to take the time to seek it out from among all the noise. peace, love & understanding.

    • Yes and a very timely discussion with Trump jumping in and trying to ban Muslims from the US as a response to the latest shooting. Yeah, it’s not a problem that ANYONE can buy an assault rifle and that these latest murderers were openly seen doing target practice in public in the weeks leading up to the shooting. Let’s just totally ignore that bit.

  2. This “they’re coming to TAKE YOUR GUNNNNNS!!!” shit has been going on forever. When I was a kid of about 11, I bought a BB gun, and through some process almost impossible to imagine, wound up getting a newsletter from the NRA or some such loons. It consisted almost entirely of anecdotes about some grandma shooting a burglar, along with warnings about how banning private citizens from owning machine guns or silencers or bazookas or God knows what would eventually result in the gummint confiscating all guns from everyone. These people have been steeped in paranoia literally for decades, to the point where there is no reasoning with them.

    • Yeah, they are addicted to the whole slippery slope argument. That’s what they say to any point anyone makes regarding gun control. “Oh, well once you start taking our bazookas away, next thing you know hunting rifles will be illegal.” It doesn’t matter how logical your argument is, they’ll just come back with that and conversation over. It’s the same with climate change skeptics. “Oh, so I guess we should all live in the woods in teepees then.” There’s only black or white, no compromise.

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