Meet The Mets Fan

Man, as I said in this week’s Dustinland, I really thought the Mets had it this year. After a shitty first half they had such an amazing second half, ended on a bright note, then had a killer first two rounds of the postseason. Things were so magical — how did KC just stop us dead in our tracks?! I guess they had their own magic that beat ours. Kind of like a game of Magic The Gathering except not.

Man, losing all the time SUCKS. What a downer. I’m so tired of expecting to lose. I don’t know how Cubs fans deal with it. Or how Boston did. I guess that’s what made Boston’s first World Series in a zillion years so fulfilling. But I mean, I really don’t want to wait decades. I think since 1986 is more than enough. Especially in a town like NYC where there’s another team—one that wins every other year and spends twice what the Mets does, since they’re not bankrupt and we are. Damnit. I could go on all night but it’s too late. Stupid sports.

3 responses to “Meet The Mets Fan

  1. You want to know how Cubs fans deal with it? We deal with it by hating the Mets.

    Who, incidentally, crushed the Cubs in the same way (if not worse) that the Royals crushed the Mets.

    I’m sorry, but I have never found anything or anyone about the Mets likable in any way. I loathe them even more than I hate the Cardinals. Even my grudging admiration for Daniel Murphy evaporated when I found out he’s a homophobic asshole.

    • Oh yeah he’s totally a religious dude. But if you start looking into athletes for their political beliefs it’s going to be bad times because they are usual going to lean conservative for either religious reasons, tax implications or just because athletes are sort of raised from a young age in that militaristic listen to authority sort of mentality that breeds Republicans.
      I did feel pretty bad beating the Cubs. I mean, out of all the teams, why the Cubs? I would have rooted for them any other year. And there are so many NL teams I hate.
      Not sure what’s hate-able about the Mets though. Mostly pretty nice guys like Granderson or young dudes like deGrom. Harvey is kind of a dick, I’ll give you that. Otherwise there’s just a lot of mellow quiet guys like Flores, Familia, Duda etc… Terry Collins seems like a nice guy and I’ve hated almost every Mets manager going back to the 90s.
      But I would hate them if they crushed my team. Not sure how the Cubs folded so badly with such a tight team. I guess pitching just beats hitting most of the time. But with the Royals, they had hitting and pitching and fielding. Can’t beat that.

      • Bitter Scribe

        In part my Mets hate is because I’m an old fart who first got into baseball ini 1969, which was, of course, the year the Cubs did one of their most famous chokes and let the Mets catch them at the end of the season.

        It’s funny because I don’t hate, say, the Padres, against whom the Cubs choked even worse decades later. I guess you just feel things more intensely when you’re a kid.

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