The Long Hard Truth

Man, as I say in this week’s Dustinland comic, explaining stuff to your kids can take forever. Not science stuff. The sky is blue, that sort of thing? It’s pretty cut and dry most of the time. Either they get it or they don’t (or you know it or you don’t). Issues made more complex by society though — those are harder. Issues of gender, race and other human qualities are easy to talk about but hard to explain, which makes for lengthy, complicated conversations. On the plus side though, they do seem to lay bare prejudices, hypocrisy and all that’s silly and unfair in society — and maybe even in us as individuals. At the very least that’s pretty interesting.

Oh, and it can also be hilarious.

2 responses to “The Long Hard Truth

  1. Great comic this week!

    Probably some right-winger would look at it and harrumph about things being easier in his day when men were men and fat people were fat and you didn’t have to worry about being “politically correct” (i.e., not being a jerk).

    Are plumbers ever depicted nowadays without a butt crack?

    • You know I was worried people might take it the wrong way and think I was trying to suggest that. Fortunately most of my readers – such as yourself – know me well enough to get that I’m not making that point. But if this blew up online I’m sure I would get bombarded in various comment sections from people on both sides.

      Oh and the last time a plumber came to my apartment, his butt crack was showing. I couldn’t believe it. I really didn’t think that was a real thing, but I guess it is. Heavy tool belts?

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