Dope Pope

Like I say in this week’s Dustinland comic, Pope Francis rules.

Man, a kick-ass liberal pope talking about climate change! I just want to see conservatives crying. One second it’s all God and family values, the next second it’s, “well, leave the science to the scientists.”

Best pope ever.

4 responses to “Dope Pope

  1. If liberals had said anything about John Paul II or Benedict half as shitty as the things right-wingers are saying about Francis, the right-wingers would have been beside themselves with indignation. I guess civility and respect are one-way streets.

  2. I was pretty amazed by how progressive he was as well, which was why the news of him meeting with Kim Davis shocked me so much. He’s great compared to previous popes, but I feel like his extremely religious upbringing means he will never turn on issues like abortion and gay marriage. Still, I guess its a start.

    • Yeah I agree. Although it does seem like the Kim Davis thing may have gone down very differently than she and the right are portraying it. At first it sounded like he met WITH HER. Now it sounds like she was in a room full of other people who all got to meet him. My guess is he does not understand the significance of her stupid quest in the US press, considering he is a global leader with more to worry about than Fox News coverage of issues he has clearly stated are secondary priority for him ie. anything sex-related. Similar to Bernie Sanders actually – focus on fiscal inequality and climate change rather than wedge issues that will never be sorted out.

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