Tellin It Like It Is

Like I say in this week’s political Dustinland comic, it’s so easy to just tell people what they already believe. Orwell said it in 1984. It’s also known as pandering, as I said in this old comic published in MAD Magazine, but current Republicans seem to have a nice grip on a pseudo populist version of pandering that appeals to our laziest and most selfish of urges. Why sacrifice? Why learn about things? It’s not really complicated. It’s SIMPLE. The answers are easy. The way to run things in a way where everyone wins and no one has to really change anything about they way they live is right in front of us. Hey man, that’s an appealing message. I’d love to follow it—if it wasn’t complete fantasy BS.

As for Trump, I love him. Because he’s blowing up the Republican party. It’s hilarious. During debates you just see Jeb Bush and Rand Paul fuming. Especially Paul. He’s like, ” I was supposed to be the crazy anti government one breaking all the rules and thinking outside the box!” Then Trump came in and made him seem like a boring seven-term senator from South Dakota. It’s all very entertaining—and not too scary. I would be more scared if Deez Nuts didn’t have comparable poll numbers. And at least the guy is even giving hedge fund managers shit. Man, he really is the ultimate troll.

5 responses to “Tellin It Like It Is

  1. Yeah, you spend decades telling people that everything has an easy solution that we could put into place if not for the eeeevil gummint and PC liberals, and then a guy like Trump comes along. Who could have predicted it, except for anyone who was paying attention?

    • Nothing easier than telling people “Hey, don’t worry about it, I got it all under control, don’t change a thing, just vote for me, I’ll take care of it. Trust me, I know a guy.”

  2. Anyone who doesn’t love the Donald is seriously fuck’d in the head; in terms of comedy, of course…

    Although he isn’t wrong, you know? The border does need a “repair.” The trade agreements need working on. And, well, China is laughing at us–figuratively speaking, of course.

    • I think that’s how he wins. Mix in a little bit of truth with some one liners, social media zingers, a few anti-PC “hey, between you and me, we all really know ___” moments and then offer some vague blathering that masquerades as some sort of plans and tah-dah: we have ourselves a Fox News era Republican winner.

      • The Donald’s interview are comedy gold at ever point. Just listening to his ideas you have a sense of “well, that makes sense” but you also have a sense of “you could be sensitive?” Trump says, “Politicians are all talk, no action” but from where I stand: he is doing a lot of talking–and no play (in policy making).

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