Season In The Abyss

This week’s Dustinland comic was basically one long rant so I don’t really have much left to say about the subject matter, but it was nice to do something political for the first time in a while. Back in the post 9-11 era I used to drop politics comics all the time but it’s just gotten more and more boring and obvious. And on the other hand, with the Daily Show, Colbert, Twitter in general, etc… there are so many smart, funny people saying insightful things about politics on a daily/minute basis, it’s hard to find something new to say or a new way to say it. But here it is, my sad take on the sad 2016 elections. In some ways I do love how much of a joke the Republican field has become, but in reality, it takes (at least) two healthy parties to make a well-functioning government. The fact that the GOP has sunk so low and has become so directionless — and is increasingly controlled by two rich oil barons — really doesn’t bode well for the future of the U.S. and the world. Fun times!

I wonder if any trolls will comment on this. I hope not. Such a waste of time and energy on their part and mine if I even choose to respond.

3 responses to “Season In The Abyss

  1. Bitter Scribe

    James Thurber wrote a short story about a man who was driven to murder-suicide by a bird that kept waking him up. (I think it was a whippoorwill.)

  2. Bitter Scribe

    Oops, wait a minute…I just realized I posted this in the wrong thread. It’s about your mockingbird comic, of course. Sorry.

    • Ha! Ahead of the game. I updated that one a little early but I won’t be “promoting” it until tonight.
      But yes, I can see that. I remember a few years back there was a mockingbird in my neighborhood in a tree outside my friend’s apartment, and it would go on and on all night. It got so bad that someone else in the building went outside at 4 am and stood under the tree making angry dog noises in an attempt to scare it off.

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