Pages From My College Philosophy Class Notebook

I was lazy on Father’s Day and didn’t feel like drawing comics, so I dug out these masterpieces. Honestly, I could spend days going through my old college textbooks. They are so intricate in their doodles and little jokes… I wonder how I was inspired to work so hard at not doing what I was supposed to be doing. Maybe class is just that boring. Maybe that’s how I learn. I was actually a pretty decent student. Not always A but not too far from it. Solid B+ for sure. Sometimes A if I really cared. It was hard to care though. School… you know, it can be interesting with the right teacher/professor, but so often it felt like being forced to sit in a room for no reason. It really could be torturous at times.

I did have some great teachers though. And once I took a course called The History of Sequential Art. AKA comics. A class about comics! Amazing. Believe it or not, the guy teaching the class (grad student) probably taught me more about writing college papers than anyone else. We were all freshman and we gave in our first papers and he handed them all back and said they were too bad to grade, and he spent a whole class explaining what a college paper really should be. Nice guy. I wonder what he’s doing now.

But yeah, anyway, my notes are ridiculous and there are zillions of hidden gems in them — jokes and drawings — so maybe I’ll edit it down and publish some highlights one day. High five.

4 responses to “Pages From My College Philosophy Class Notebook

  1. Bitter Scribe

    I found more meaning in those pages than in all the philosophy I ever read.

    • Ha! Sometimes it feels that way. There are some gems mixed in with all the jargon though. I mean, Plato’s Five Dialogues – still golden. Just Socrates running around, being an asshole, proving that everyone is full of shit. Gotta love it.

      • Bitter Scribe

        My favorite Socratic dialogue is the one that opens with him rhapsodizing about the sexual attractiveness of pubescent boys. I think of it whenever I read some right-wing asshole bloviating about how modern education is all about things like “queer studies” and we should get back to “the classics.”

  2. Ha! Definitely didn’t see you taking it there – but I like that you did.

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