I Scream

Such a generic title for this week’s Dustinland comic but I couldn’t help it. It just felt right. And there weren’t any other puns I liked more. But yes, ice cream trucks can be the bane of a parent’s existence. Sure, right time, right place, they’re wonderful. A kid’s smile when you tell them it’s time for ice cream—that’s golden. But usually these stupid trucks just invade your life, butting into your eating and activity schedule with their unavoidable presence. That song… it really is genius. It triggers a Pavlovian response with kids. And their hearing is better than ours so they can pick it out from blocks away over the sound of music and airplanes and yelling parents.

There’s an ice cream truck that stop literally across the street from my building every Saturday and Sunday right around 5:00. Perfect dinner ruining time. Apparently this guy has been doing this for 20 years too! Same time, same place.

We all scream.

Oh by the way, notice the more vertical orientation of the panels this week. I’m experimenting with a format that may work better on mobile. It is the number one screen these days, after all. I like horizontal better personally but who am I to argue with the world.

2 responses to “I Scream

  1. Bitter Scribe

    For an instant I thought the truck in the last panel said “BOOKS” and I was like, huh? Who knew New York ice cream truck drivers were so literate? And why is his wife so disapproving? What does she care if he reads?

    Just getting used to my new glasses.

    BTW, don’t apologize for the title. It’s perfect.

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